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In this day and age, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that¬†hasn’t seen a single Star Wars movie. I have vivid memories of watching the movies for the first time: I was enthralled by the adorable Ewoks; loved the “golden droid”; and, in one of my more embarrassing childhood moments, dressed up like Jar Jar Binks for Halloween. (My younger brother went as the much cooler Darth Maul; thankfully my favourite character selections have evolved since then.)

To me, though, Star Wars is more than just an entertaining film series; it’s a way of staying connected to my family.

When I was quite young, I inherited a set of action figures that my dad’s youngest brother had played with when he was a kid. We spent hours playing with them, and, as a first-time uncle, I’m sure he was quite glad that they provided some common ground.

After I went away to university, Star Wars became my immediate family’s de facto annual Christmas film – no matter how busy we were during the holidays, my mom, my dad, and I always set aside time to go to our local cinema together. Even when I had already gone to see the new film on opening night with friends (which so far has been every time… sorry, mom), I would still look forward to going again with my parents: hearing my dad’s not-so-quiet running commentary while my mom and I rolled our eyes and shared popcorn is, at this point, one of my favourite holiday traditions.

This family tie means I’ll likely never get sick of the series; even instalments that were objectively not the greatest (looking at you,¬†Solo) are associated with enough nice, warm memories that I can’t help but look upon them favourably. I have fully accepted that Star Wars is my bias, and I can’t wait for this year’s family bonding session in the cinema.